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Cash For Junk Cars in Troy

Junk’s Xpress picks up and pays money for junk cars in Troy. If it’s running, not running, wreached, totaled, or it’s a scrap car, we’ll give you money for it.

Are you in Troy? Want money for your scrap wrecked car, or your old junk car?

Junk’s Xpress is a “cash for scrap cars” service located in Troy, and we will retrieve you scrap car and give you money for it. Get a great rate for your old or wrecked car and call Junk’s Xpress today!

Running or not running - Request Cash For Your Junk Car in Troy

We want your old broken car

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Have a junk running or non-running car in Troy? We'll pay you monies for it!

Is you car located in or near Troy? Get the top rates for wrecked and/or junk cars in Troy.

Contact: David Barlow
Junk’s Xpress
Butterfield Drive
Troy, MI, 48084 USA

Troy’s Only Cash For Junk Cars Service!

Her's a review from a happy customer
I didn’t know how the process would go but they did a great job informing me and my experience was good. I called and schedule the pickup of my daughter’s totaled car, and they came out fast and I received my money for the car. The process was eaiser than I thought and if this happens again I will be sure to call them to come get the wrecked car. (K. Lichman, Troy)

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If you’re not familar with the Troy area, the Somerset Collection should be the first place you should go. The shopping and the eats are great. Troy also has a historic museum and an aquatic center, plus the Oakland Mall has some traditional shopping if you feel the need. We can pay you cash for your junk cars, and then you can go spend it in the malls. See, good things can come from getting rid of scrap cars.
Junks Xpress Cash For Junk Cars in Troy
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